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Mosaik, from Camo (Reinhard Rietsch) & Krooked (Markus Wagner) is a cracker. If you haven't experienced the D&B stylings of this Austrian duo already, then may we suggest you choose those 17 tracks to get acquainted with their funky signature sound.

The goal is to make music that has enough energy for the dancefloor but is musically advanced to be listening to at home. That’s why this record took longer to make… The last one was still very much for the dancefloor but this is like a dancefloor record in disguise.” – Camo & Krooked

Come October, the boys will be tearing up Austrian dancefloors with a brand new Mosaik live show and are rustling up some pals to support in the form of Sub Focus, Mefjus, Kimyan Law, and some chap called High Contrast. Amidst prep for all that, Magnetic were lucky enough to collar the lads for their top ten drum and bass picks of the week...

"Bunker" - Culture Shock [RAM Records] 

After hearing Sub Focus playing this tune in America, we went straight to Culture Shock, asking him for an exclusive copy. He has found his style with these technoid dance floor stompers with a dark mood.

*Ed's note: This is far too exclusive for us so presenting an alternative Culture Shock track to awkwardly stand in...

"Like What" - Urban Dawn [Hospital Records]

We got this tune three months before the release and premiered it on our BBC Radio1 Essential Mix, hasn’t left our DJ set since then.

"Dissolve Me" - Camo & Krooked Ft. klei [Mosaik/RAM]

One of our favourite tunes of our album Mosaik - klei has such a great voice!

"Black Sky" - BCee feat Thomas Oliver [Spearhead]

A great vocal track by the underground legend BCee, his new album 'Beat The System' as a really nice piece of liquid D&B.

"Disco" - Smooth [RAM]

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After a long radio silence, Smooth is back with an EP on RAM. He's been a good friend of ours since he remixed our tune “Get Dirty" Ft. TC - nice to see him back!

"Black Or White (Signal Remix)" - Camo & Krooked [Mosaik/Ram]

When we premiered “Black Or White”, Signal came to us asking for the stems as he wanted to remix it. Two months later, he came back with his version. It blew us away and is one of our top tunes of 2017 so far.

"Wonkadelic" - Upgrade [Dub]

We are quite skeptical about the recent blow up of the jump up scene, but some of these tunes are just straight up fun to play, especially when they are not released yet.

"Keep On" - Redeyes ft. GLXY & Tyler Daley [The North Quarter]

Liquid gold. Again premiered by us on our Essential Mix, love at first listen!

"Mandala (Malux Remix)" - Camo & Krooked ft. Mefjus [Mosaik/Ram]

For our upcoming remix project, we hired some of our favourite newcomers besides the usual suspects; those boys are hungry and doing such a great job at improving the original.

"Temperence" - Marcus Intalex [Soul:R]

Marcus is no longer with us but his music will be loved forever. Temperance was one of our early influences in D&B and we still adore it.

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