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Congrats Joel: Deadmau5 Is Getting Married This Weekend

Deadmau5 is tying the knot with his fiancé.
Deadmau5 Cube 2.1

Deadmau5 is getting married this weekend. According to his Twitter, because where else would he announce such a thing, (I guess a press release would be pretty corny), Joel Zimmerman is officially tying the knot this weekend with his fiancé, Kelly Fedoni.

“i'm actually serious, going offline for 2 days. tomorrows our big day, and i have to entertain guests and shit, so seeya Monday,” he wrote on Twitter.

So if you were hoping to steal the man’s heart, he will be officially off the market as a legally wed man as of tomorrow. The couple got engaged last summer and has been relatively low profile for how social media heavy deadmau5 it. Congratulations and we wish you the best.

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