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Diplo Still Hates EDM Culture & Played Airport Reggae For Rihanna

In a new interview, Diplo again went after DJ culture and revealed he has an album with Mark Ronson on the way

In a new interview with GQ style, Diplo unsurprisingly was very candid about his views on a whole lot of topics and did not hold back on his views about DJ culture and revealed some interesting bits about his career. He called DJ culture “cheesy” and said he can’t get a collab going with Rihanna because after hearing some of the songs he played for her, she said, “This sounds like a reggae song at an airport.”

He minced no words about EDM culture in general, saying he is trying to stay away from it. “I mean, DJs in general, the culture’s really ugly. It’s cheesy. Corny. It’s embarrassing,” said Diplo. “You know, I never wanted to be part of the DJ world. I just fell into it.”

This isn’t the first time he has spoken against DJ and EDM culture and probably won’t be the last, so don’t be shocked to hear this.

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He also revealed that he is working on an album with Mark Ronson that will be like Jack Ü, but with disco music.

Read the interview for some juicy quotes and Diplo wearing ridiculously expensive clothes as he tours Africa.

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