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DJ Marketing 101: Create A Disruptive PR Strategy

Magnetic x SoStereo present DJ Marketing 101 - Are you a DJ/Producer and need help breaking through? Read this.

Welcome to the second installment of "Marketing Tips For DJs And Producers." If you didn't catch our first post you can check it out here, it's all about Brand Identity.

Now that you've created some great music and have a strong brand identity (logos, website, socials, etc.) it's time to work on getting noticed. This is not easy, even if your music is amazing you still need the coverage from the music press and blogs to help break through to the next level. We get hundreds of emails a day from PR companies and individuals, most of which we just can't read because we don't have the time. Every other press outlet (or blogs) have the same problem, too many people hitting them up for a post.

So what do you do? You can hire a PR person and hope that they have good enough relationships to get you some digital ink, you can advertise, or you can be disruptive. All have their merits; it just depends on how much time and money you have and this is assuming that your music is strong enough to get the attention in the first place. So if you have some positive feedback from DJs and listeners on your socials it's worth your time to proceed, otherwise focus on getting your music to where it needs to be first. If you send shitty music to people, they will never take you seriously again.

So let's talk about being disruptive, what does that even mean? It means doing something that will shake things up and make you stand apart from the "cut and paste" press release herd.

This idea is free, you are welcome.

Create A Disruptive PR Strategy - With some brainstorming and creativity you will be surprised at what you can come up with all on your own. Don't be afraid to think too big, there is no such thing in PR.

You are going to need a different tactic, one that takes an alternate route to the traditional press release that barely anyone reads in our industry. So try something like this and tweak the concept to make it your own. The point is, be creative here as this will get editors/writers attention EVERY time.

Find out the mailing address of five or six of your favorite sites and send the Editor In Chief something by FedEx or UPS so that they have to sign for it. Find out their name, don't just send it to EIC and hope for the best. Use Linkedin to track them down, it's not that hard.

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Inside that box do something weird, so weird that any editor opening up the box is going to listen out of sheer curiosity if anything.

Marketing Tips For DJs And Producers: Create A Disruptive PR Strategy Cassette Tape

Go out and buy some old cassette players and get your track put on a tape, old school style. Then find some cool retro candy and create a cool little experience for the person listening. Maybe an assortment of Pixie sticks and a couple JOLT Colas. Sugar high and a cassette tape, yeah that’s probably going to work. We will be your guinea pigs, address below.

Magnetic Magazine
Attn: Disruptive PR 8354 Northfield Blvd, Bldg G, Suite 3700  Denver, CO 80238

Every editor likes to get something thoughtful and creative, it shows that you cared enough to try a little harder, and chances are it will go a long way. Good luck!


DJ Marketing 101 is an ongoing series presented by SoStereo and Magnetic to help emerging DJs / Producers learn how to market themselves and build a successful brand in today's crowded music marketplace.

SoStereo is a cutting edge music licensing service and marketing company focused on helping emerging and mid tier artists connect with brands and content creators for licensing opportunities. If you are looking to add an additional revenue stream to your music, get more exposure and grow your career get in touch. SoStereo is interested in electronic music, indie, hip hop and world music. More info HERE. 

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