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DJ Marketing: Should You Use Like Gates To Build Fans?

Using Like Gates is ok, but you need a good strategy
Hypeddit Is one of the better Like Gating services around

Hypeddit Is one of the better Like Gating services around

Like-gating has been a hot topic in the music business for a while now and even though Facebook has banned it there are still a lot of workarounds like The practice of exchanging social currency aka Likes/Shares/Tweets, etc. for music is still a delicate subject and one that should be approached with a real strategy.

If you are a new artist gaining traction on Soundcloud [SC] via natural momentum, you should think about your next steps carefully. If you are starting to move the needle and people are genuinely interested and sharing your music then you need to do one thing. Make more music and make a lot of it.

People that like you on SC will start coming back to your page looking for new material regularly, and if you are getting up new stuff weekly then you will keep people coming back. It doesn’t always have to be a new track; you might just do a weekly podcast of your favorite tunes of the moment and artists that inspire you. You just need quality content for your new fans to consume and get to know you as an artist/DJ.

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