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DJing Just Got A Whole Lot Crazier: Ableton Link Miditablism

John Type is taking the art of digital Djing and classic scratching to the next level

It's been fascinating to watch the evolution of DJing over the last 15 years or so, from CDJs to fully digital systems to a mix of Frankenstein like hybrids; it's all gotten a bit out of control. 

I mean that in a good way, it's never been more exciting to be a DJ with the almost limitless variations and performance options available many of which are quite affordable. 

Back when I was starting out it was straightforward, you had two turntables, or four if you could afford it, and one mixer. The gear was expensive, and so was the media, vinyl imports for one song often ran upwards of $18 or so, and that financial limitation alone was usually a big enough barrier to entry for most DJ wannabes. 

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Now here we are, in 2017 with a guy like John Type completely reimagining the art of being a DJ. Watching this guy is inspiring, scary and overwhelming all at once, but it makes you want to learn and push the boundaries just like him. He's even broken it down on how he does what he does; you can learn more on his site here.

John Type's Ableton Link Miditablism or something similar is what I expect from DJs these days, and you should too if you are shelling out a lot of money to see someone play it should be a performance and not a playlist. DJing is an art form and watching guys do it like this gives me hope about the craft of DJing. 

I'm still down with mixing one record with another; there is a beauty in the simplicity of that, but I do believe that it's going to require DJs progressing in this manner to truly save the art and bring it back into dance music culture. There have been too many clowns getting paid far too much money to play music they don't even produce over the last six or seven years. 

Props to you John Type and all of you other DJs out there pushing the art of DJing forward. 

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