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Amsterdam bred DJ and producer duo The Him took the world by storm with their infectious and high energy deep house style. Garnering international success ever since their first release, The Him has been on a steady climb towards electronic music stardom. With their upcoming festival set at Splash House this weekend, they have given us an exclusive mix and brief interview to share with the world. 

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How did you two come together and decide on the direction you would take with your music?

We met backstage at a festival a few years ago. At that time we were both involved in the Amsterdam techno scene. We started talking about pop music and decided to meet once a week in the studio. We started working on some bootlegs and our first remix competition on Beatport was a big success. One day became two days a week and after a while it evolved to a full time project. We started with mostly deep house because thats what we felt like at the time but now we're experimenting with lots of different sounds.

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What is your favorite experience so far as The Him?

Its really hard to pick just one experience because we're so happy with how everything is going and proud of the people that make our team. We've done so many shows that were dreams come true moments! One thing that was really cool though was that our agent had arranged court side tickets to the Knicks when we were in New York. We'd always wanted to see an NBA game for real and this was a very special first time!

What do you think it is about your music that people love so much?

We should really be asking them, we're honored so many people like it! We always try to make real songs from the heart that also make you move. Maybe thats it?

What would your dream set to play be like?

Playing 100% of our own songs in front of lots of people that are ready to party!

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