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HARD Founder Calls It Quits: Gary Richards Leaves His Legacy Behind

The founder of HARD Events has left the building, ciao Live Nation
Gary says hasta la vista.... 

Gary says hasta la vista.... 

Ten years after starting his now legendary venture HARD Fest, Gary Richards has called it quits. After a strong run with Live Nation, who purchased HARD Fest outright in 2012, Richards has announced a rather sudden departure at the brand's ten year mark. 

Richards, who also founded Holy Ship, has opted out of the corporate circle jerk and it seems is headed to greener pastures. Does this have something to do with James Barton's quiet new venture? Hard to say at this point, but everything great must come to an end and Destructo certainly has made one hell of a glorious exit. 

What's next for the rave pioneer? Hopefully we will know soon, and it will most likely be something interesting and VERY credible. His official statement is below. 

"Goodnight and good luck" - Edward R. Murrow 

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To all the HARDfam & Shipfam :

I am leaving Live Nation after this week's Hard event to pursue an incredible new opportunity that I will share with everyone in the weeks to come.

Accordingly, I will not be attending or curating the next Holy Ship cruise event in 2018.

I have the utmost respect for Michael Rapino and Live Nation.

Let's make this week's 10th anniversary show the best HARD event ever!

Gary Richards AKA Destructo

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