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Who doesn’t love Labor Day weekend? It’s the perfect excuse to relax and have fun with an extra day off to ease you back into school or work after your summer vacation. For a lot of us, it’s a lazy weekend scheduled with long Netflix marathons and appointments with your couch or maybe you are attending that same family BBQ that you have been going to every year since you can remember. Well, Magnetic Magazine has found something to challenge your boring Labor Day weekend with North Coast Music Festival

From September 1st-3rd, React Presents, Cold Grums Productions, Silver Wrapper, and Metronome Chicago, will be hosting North Coast’s eighth year. Every year since 2010, we have seen this festival grow and mature, but never stray from its original intent to bring people together for music, art and good vibes. It’s amazing that a festival can stand for so long while countless festivals come and go. The reason North Coast has been able to stand on its own is that it is more than just a music festival, it’s a place to eat the best food, see some amazing art and hang with people from all backgrounds who share the same interests. 

We were able to catch up with Michael Berg, Co-founder of North Coast, to see why he believes the festival has stood this long. He stated, “North Coast has always honored the concept of "for Chicago, by Chicago" as independent Chicago event producers working in harmony.” This statement speaks loud words. He reminds us that the only way for things to progress and work in this “murky” industry is that everyone works together without their own egos to produce an event such as North Coast. React, Cold Grums, Silver Wrapper and Metronome have done just that. All of these production companies have been able to come together for Chicago to give us an amazing immersive festival. These companies have given us a solid, reliable festival for years and it doesn’t seem to be backing down yet.

North Coast Music Festival
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React, Cold Grums, Silver Wrapper, and Metronome strives to include more than just a dope line up. One of the biggest reasons North Coast stands out from many others is their live graffiti installations inside of the Silent Disco. While you listen to local artists at the silent disco, you see the music come to life with local graffiti artists working on canvases larger than themselves. Some of these local artists include Autograf, Manic Focus, Wethan and The Cool Kids. While the art installations have become a staple part of North Coast, we wondered what could make this festival grow even bigger as they promise each year. 

Michael Berg had the answer for that as well, “We added a brand-new stage which features a different style of music each day from a variety of Chicago-based artists. Friday features house, techno and disco with Derrick Carter, Gene Ferris and Zebo & Coro. Saturday features bass beats with Chicago's Most Wanted - comprised of Porn and Chicken, The Trap House and Light.Em.Up. Sunday features hip hop and deep cuts with performances by DJ Rude One, Jesse De La Pena and Stefan Ponce.” This only proves Michael Berg and his team live by the motto “for Chicago, by Chicago.” North Coast has dedicated a stage for local Chicago artists to play in their own hometown for their fans and newcomers. It not only shows dedication to music, but the dedication for Chicago to be the festival capital of the United States.

North Coast has been able to stand the test of time, just simply due to the dedication of everyone involved. The production companies have put their egos aside for Chicago, by Chicago locals, in order to spread the idea of art, music and bringing people together for an awesome event. They have made Union Park a destination during Labor Day weekend, simply because they saw the need to bring music together of all genres while creating an engaging experience. If you need to know why North Coast is going to be the place to be this weekend, check out our article on the reasons why. So this year, skip the same Labor Day BBQ that you have been going to the past eight years and head to North Coast. Tickets are still available, but you better hurry because they are close to selling out. Don't risk Netflix telling you "Are you still watching?" or your Aunt making you eat that weird Jello when you can head to Summer's Last Stand to revel in the best music, food and art that Chicago has to offer. Be sure to check out the map and download the app to keep up to date on all the cool features in store.

North Coast Music Festival Night

Tell us your favorite part of North Coast Music Festival in the comments below. 

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