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I Just Met One Hell Of A Dope DJ - Manos Crafts His Lightly Blunted Beats With The Polish of Days Gone By

If you love chilled out beats, deep feels and high quality DJing then DJ Manos is worth a listen
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Yesterday I stumbled into an event at our new Coworking space Union Stanley, not expecting too much aside from a good beer and some chilled out live jazz to ease out of the work day. Almost exactly one year ago I uprooted Magnetic Magazine from Los Angeles, my home of the last sixteen years or so, and headed to Denver. 

I was done with the traffic, the growing crowds, insane home prices and overall inability to maneuver the city of traffic jammed angles. I needed something more chill, something with a great cultural foundation and real liveability and Denver had all that. The decision has been one of the best I've ever made; my new home has a buzzing energy of creative people, entrepreneurs, and culture junkies all living a healthy pace of life.

Our new coworking office space at the Stanley Marketplace (about 15 mins outside of Downtown) is vibrant with cultural goodness, and it's here where I bumped into DJ Manos. Yeah, I was getting to that...

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I noticed the DJ set up right away; it was unique with just one turntable along side an S8 controller that patiently waited for its master, atop the old Beauty Bar Denver DJ stand no less. 

Manos took to the decks after the band took their first break and from there it was pure bliss. A real DJ! A guy that actually was mixing live, in a fluid yet almost surgical way, throwing down the best DJ set I've seen in years. Weaving through tracks and stems with ease Manos whipped together a set reminiscent of Farina's Mushroom Jazz days, but even better on some levels with his innovative scratching, delays, reverb and other tricks that brought the technology into the mix in all the right ways. 

If you have the chance to catch him in Denver, I highly recommend it and if you can't make it to a live show then spin his truly proper downbeat mixes on his Soundcloud page, one of which is embedded below. 

Props to you DJ Manos.

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