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Is Behringer Trolling, Or Is Roland About To Have A Serious Threat On Their Hands?

On the day of celebrating the most famous drum machine ever, Behringer decided to drop their own surprise
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Happy belated 808 day. Well...sort of... Early yesterday morning we posted that Roland has announced new iterations of their SH-101 and TR-808 machines, in their compact boutique series line. We were just as stoked as everyone else, until Behringer decided to drop some serious shade in the form of what looks to be a full-size SH-101 clone. If you look closely it's actually labeled MS101. This has been rumored for quite some time, but the company has been fairly tight lipped with some of their plans. 

Now, earlier this year, Behringer said that it was releasing a clone of arguably the most famous synth ever, the Moog Model D, at a fraction of the price. Most thought this wouldn't really be possible, but after being spotted and lightly tested at Superbooth a few months back, people started to actually get excited. Behringer also said that it was planning on releasing 20 fully analog instruments that were actually affordable, with their sights looking at the Arp2600 as well. If you are hesitant about how close Behringer can actually get to replicating these greats, well fret no more! In the video below, for almost an hour Youtuber Synthpro compares the new Behringer Model D to an original Moog Model D. How much does this cost? About $300. I'm sold. 

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, the pint sized synth world is turning into a fierce war zone of epicness. I'm also not shy to admit that I'm a bit frustrated that Roland isn't making all of their boutique models fully analog, especially since all of the Korg Volcas, minus the FM, are 100% analog. Another issue with Roland, although not one I have personally, is that they seem to disregard their fans requests, which Behringer has capitalized on. Could these new releases from Behringer be the end of Roland? We will have to wait and see.   

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