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Kanoa: The Wireless Ear Buds That Might Change The Game Entirely - Update (Company Folds)

Update - Kanoa folds leaving backers empty handed.

Don't believe the hype... Unfortunately, I did, and the once glorious looking start up with what looked to be kick ass true wireless buds has gone belly up. Over a year ago, I along with many others pledged my $150 in hopes of getting some revolutionary headphones. Today I found out that the whole company has gone belly up and left backers in the dust. 

Below is the article I wrote showcasing the crowdfunding campaign, it was so slick and well intentioned that supporting them never felt like a bet. After months and months of waiting and missed delivery dates it's now official, Kanoa was a fail. 

I don't want to knock all crowdsourcing, as I had a great experience with a product called G-RO via Indieagogo and I'm pleased with the product that I bought. However, shortly after the Kanoa delay, I decided to no longer support hype campaigns, just finished products. 

I'm still a fan of platforms like Kickstarter / Indieagogo as they also provide protection for consumers for just this type of occurance, it's important to note that Kanoa did not use either of these, it was just a preorder. 

It's a bummer to lose your hard earned money, so it's important only to do preorders via legitimate crowdfunding outlets to protect yourself. I fell for the slickness, lesson learned.

Original article below. 

Imagine, truly wireless ear buds that sound great and fit so well that they won't fall out, even when you are swimming. I don't know about you, but I've still yet to find the perfect pair of workout headphones and the wireless buds options out there still have a bulky cord and don't work that well for intense activity like running. 

The ones I like the most currently are the SOL REPUBLIC Relays because they are light, stay in your ears really well and sound decent, but they still have that pesky cord. 

If you like to work out to music, which I'm assuming most of you do, it looks like the ultimate solution is arriving this April. 

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I saw the Kanoa Headphones advert while I was flipping through my FB wall and I was immediately intrigued. These buds are the headphones many of us have been dreaming about for so long. They are boasting some pretty incredible specs and from the looks of their site, these are the real deal. 

There is even an application for your phone that lets you track exercise stats, control the amount of sound let in with a feature called Audio Transparency and various other functions.

I've ordered a pair and will get the review up as soon as I get them. Let's hope they are everything they are claiming to be! 

Check out the Kanoa Headphones Here 

Some Specs from the Kanoa site: 

True Wireless - We wanted to give you the most seamless music experience, so we cut the cords completely. That’s right, our earphones are completely wireless. Control KANOA with any Bluetooth 3.0-4.0 device from up to 33ft away!

Unmatched Ergonomics- We designed KANOA to fit securely and comfortably in your ear; giving you the freedom of movement you have always deserved. Mix and match our various silicon jackets and ear tips to custom-fit your ears so they’ll never fall out or feel unnatural.

Superior Audio Quality - We spent a lot of time fine tuning our acoustics to perfection. We integrated the latest in audio technology (drivers, codecs, chipsets) and arranged them within the device to deliver beautiful sound straight to your ears. You can even custom-tune the music through The App/ Equalizer.

Easy Wireless Charging - KANOA earphones’ battery allows for 4-6 hours of playtime. In addition, it comes with a sleek carrying case that doubles as a charger giving you an extra 3 full charges on the go! Simply drop your earphones in the case, and they’ll immediately start charging.

The App - The KANOA App has a lot to offer. Not only can you adjust all your listening preferences and fine-tune your music with the Audio Equalizer, but you can also adjust your Audio Transparency and integrate streaming services seamlessly. You don’t need the App to use KANOA Earphones, but it definitely adds to the experience.

Passive Noise Isolation -Our efficient design provides a cleanly sealed off fit that ensures upwards of 30dB of passive noise isolation. This allows you to hear your music much more clearly, block out unwanted noise, save your eardrums from damage and immerse yourself in music. You also don’t hear the annoying “hmm” like with “noise canceling” headphones.

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