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LA+CH Premieres His Latest Experimental House Adventure "Love"
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With less than a month left before the release of Toronto producer, LA+CH’s, upcoming EP None (to be released on September 22 via sideways/604 Records) – we reveal today the second single from the five-track project. Best described as melancholy characters characterized through daring compositions.

“Love” in rhythm provides a fresh, yet familiar experience. It makes you want to dance in a complete and memorable way. And it in no way bores you, as it forcibly makes you react.

So let’s just go ahead and confront the elephant in this virtual room. At about 27 seconds, admit your experience of the song completely shifted.

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Through what seems like a blend of blinding intention and sorcery, LA+CH creates for us a masterpiece that provides an unavoidable emotional reaction. Whether you caught your head bobbing to the bass line with your mouth open, staring at the screen, or immediately rushed to hit the pause button to digest…he undeniably showcases a gift for storytelling thru music production.

Each song on None is intended to exist as different characters of a wider narrative we are still trying to decipher. All we know now is that it was created to provide listeners a glimpse into his cryptic mind. The characters all have a common thread in that they are viewed in some way as societal outliers; people who have been ex-communicated from their respective communities.

For our premiere of “Love”, we were able to gain some insight into LA+CH’s intended character for the single: "It’s like this weird grandma telling you that ‘love is over-rated’. But then another voice tells her to basically shut up and don’t let the people around you degrade you. Dance and live your own life.”

Listen to LA+CH’s “Love” below!

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