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Martin Shkreli Trial: Rejected Juror Says "He Disrespected The Wu-Tang Clan”

Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuthing to F wit
Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli

Martin Shkreli doesn’t have too many friends out there in the world. Being ass will do that. Earlier this month he was convicted on three counts of fraud for which he faces up to 45 years in jail, but lets be real, he won’t serve that time. It has recently emerged that it was quite difficult to find partial jurors for the trial, given how high profile and disliked he was. One rejected juror made their stance known based on his relationship with Wu-Tang Clan.

In transcripts released via Harpers, one juror noted that they did not like Skreli and his actions in the past, but also capped things off, saying, “He disrespected the Wu-Tang Clan.” Yes it is terrible to raise the price of potentially life saving medicine 5,000% and be a general smug douche about it, but going after one of hip-hop groups seminal groups will probably make you more enemies. 

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