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Massive Traffic Delays Plague Oregon Eclipse Festival

Traffic was backed up for 30 miles headed to the festival
Solar Eclipse

Oregon Eclipse Festival is backed up by some of the worst traffic the state has ever seen. Revelers have been trying to get to the festival, but they are just some people in a sea of people trying to get to Oregon to watch the eclipse on Monday. According to KGW5, traffic was backed up for 30 miles on Thursday heading to the event being put on by Symbiosis.

Things have cleared up for the most part by this afternoon, but there are wildfires closing other highways in the state.

The festival is much more than a music festival. In the spirit of Symbiosis, it aims to be more of a transformational festival with an emphasis on the self.

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Traffic is expected to be terrible all across the United States for the next few days in areas where the eclipse path will be at the most focused. So if you live in any of these places, make plans to not drive around much. 

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