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Matthew Dear & Tegan & Sara Team Up On Catchy Dance Record 'Bad Ones'

Matthew Dear & Tegan & Sara come together on an earworm you will be singing all day.
Matthew Dear Tegan & Sara

Matthew Dear & Tegan & Sara have come out of nowhere with a new collaboration title “Bad Ones.” It brings together the best of both worlds from the two artists. Matthew Dear with his strong songwriting in dance music that has the ability to crossover between the dancefloor and someone just sitting at home. This meshes with Tegan & Sara, who have been writing great pop songs for almost a decade.

Dear explains how the track came together in a statement.

"I have been a fan of Tegan and Sara since first hearing 'Walking With A Ghost.' My interest was greater piqued with their album Heartthrob,” he says. “I had a loop for 'Bad Ones' and thought they'd be great on it. Tegan and Sara eagerly accepted the challenge to write more, so I sent it over. Practically overnight, they returned with the verse and the chorus, written from scratch over my loop. I spent the next month working on it, turning a demo into a full-fledged song. Working with Tegan and Sara reminds me the best songs are born from an open and free process. Often times, we need to get out of our own way to let the magic happen, and this song is a bold reminder of that."

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Tegan & Sara echo his sentiment that the song came together really organically and his excitement that this all came together.

"I heard the piece of music Matthew sent through while driving to get a haircut in West Hollywood. I always feel like an interloper on that side of town and the phrase ‘freaking out and paralyzed’ was suddenly looping in my head. I couldn't stop thinking about how finding someone who loves the more complicated parts of you is a relief, especially when they're not turned off by your socially awkward insecurities or tendencies to retreat inward. Matthew's music has always been my go-to for late night bus rides in headphones and I still geek out that we made this together!" 

"Bad Ones" is out now via Ghostly International and can be picked up here or here.

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