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Moderat Taking Hiatus After III Tour To Focus On Solo Projects

Moderat final show, for now, will be on September 2nd in Berlin

Moderat, the loved trio of Modeselektor and Apparat, have some bad, though not that surprising news for their fans. The trio have announced that they are taking a hiatus from their current run of Moderat to focus on their solo projects.

In a new interview with Lola, the group described why they are making this decision and what the group serves for them.

They explain that each album is a phase and they come to an end. They need the comrodery of working together, but also enjoy being alone. “An album is a certain phase, and this one is coming to an end,” explains Sascha Ring (Apparat). “That means it will be the last chance to see us for a while.”

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"Moderat was planned as a recovery project from our individual ones,” says Ring.

"Now we have to recover from Moderat!" Gernot Bronsert continues. "We’re all clear about a hiatus for the time being. It doesn’t have a set timeframe; we don’t yet know when we will continue with Moderat, and we also can’t say ‘if’. So this Berlin concert will be like the end of an era!”

Their final show will take place fittingly in Berlin at Wuhlheide on September 2nd. If you didn’t catch them on tour this time, you missed out on one of the best live electronic music acts in the world.  

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