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Moog officially discontinued its Sub 37 Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer so they could focus their analog advancements on a new standard: the Subsequent 37, a two-note paraphonic analog synthesizer.  


The Subsequent 37 will allow for twice as much mixer headroom than the Sub 37 was allotted. This headroom opens up a new realm of clean tones in mono and duo performance modes. Moreover, the Ladder filter has been reshaped to further enhance the harmonic saturation and analog compression, which will leverage the Subsequent 37's mixer's new flexibility. These harmonic saturation and analog compression upgrades will result in a fuller low-end. 

The Subsequent 37 synthesizer will also come locked and loaded with a clean and refreshed keybed to improve the playability and a high-powered headphone amplifier that will have enough power to deliver to the most demanding of modern headphones. Lastly, the Subsequent 37 will come with a software plugin/editor that is compatible on both Windows and Mac operating systems. 

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Moog is already shipping these new standardized synthesizers from their factory. They're also available through Moog dealers worldwide. The Subsequent 37 is running at $1,499 USD. 

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