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New LBGTI House, Techno Club, JACK, Opening In Amsterdam

The club will open soon
JACK Amsterdam

Amsterdam is already known for having one of the most vibrant nightlife’s in Europe and that is only going to get better. Premiered at Amsterdam pride recently, a new house and techno club for LBGTI individuals named JACK was revealed and will open soon.

“Our public wants to shift their nightlife limits and is looking for more depth. They want more than just a famous headliner and a beer. Every night JACK will be a unique experience for every visitor,” says JACK’s spokeswoman Patricia in a statement. “Because the club is modularly built, JACK can transform every night into something totally different. In this way, we can stimulate the senses and illusions of our visitors.”

The club’s core principles are nature, freedom and self-expression. It still isn’t clear how the club will look like on the inside, when it will open or who will play there. It will be in the Southeast of Amsterdam, near major venues like Amsterdam Arena and Heineken Music Hall. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for more updates. 

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