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Review: Random Rab's Brilliant New Album, 'Formless Edge'

Revered independent electronic music producer Random Rab brings us his eleventh full-length sonic masterpiece

For nearly two decades, Random Rab has shared his music with festival audiences worldwide. This summer marks the release of Rab’s eleventh full-length album titled Formless Edge. With his latest fifteen-track sonic masterpiece, Rab combines organic, mystical, and synthesized sound to paint a beautiful canvas. The album encompasses a wide kaleidoscope of styles, incorporating elements of eastern music, experimental electronica, acoustic rock, and kirtan. Formless Edge transmits a bold frontier in sound design that employs more than thirty unique instruments and features collaborations with artists such as violinist Lapa - best known for his work with Emancipator, and vocalists, Rigzin and Kyrstyn Pixton.

Rab had this to say about Formless Edge, "I’ve been approaching my electronic sound in a new way, focusing on analog frequencies and fidelity. As opposed to simply computer-generated tones, I treat electronic sound like an instrument. I pull digital sounds into the analog realm to bring up the resolution and bring it back in so it’s actually a pristine analog recording.”

Formless Edge beckons introspection and lures imagination from the outside in. The majority of Rab’s tracks are layered with enchanting and hypnotizing vocals. From the first single “Gimme That Hope," Rab already begins to provide us with a little bit of faith for a brighter tomorrow. From there, the album only continues to build both spiritually and energetically. "A Little More Free" serves as a mantra for self-empowerment, focusing on the soul’s inner journey. Random Rab also released the music video for his lead single “A Little More Free” on YouTube, containing visually stunning imagery and psychedelic visuals. With Formless Edge, Random Rab uses experimental sound to create a beautiful symphony of love, light, and hope.


Although still relatively unknown by the masses at large, Random Rab is revered within the conscious festival community as a patriarchal hero. He is respected for his incredible production and his ability to continuously evoke passion and inspiration. Random Rab began his career as a DJ and producer in the San Francisco Bay Area. After landing the opening slot on the revered Shpongle presents The Shpongletron Experience tour in 2011, Random Rab found nationwide success.

Throughout his career, Random Rab has blurred the boundaries between genres, immersing himself in music as medicine and the cultures that surround. Random Rab is best known for his epic sunrise and sunset sets, which some people refer to as a spiritual experience. Random Rab is currently touring in support of Formless Edge and will make noteworthy stops at the upcoming Shambhala Music Festival and Global Eclipse Gathering.

Formless Edge is available now on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and most major platforms. 

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Formless Edge Track List:

  1. Gimme That Hope
  2. Curiosity
  3. A Little More Free 
  4. Outpost Aurora
  5. Parallels (feat. Lapa)
  6. Lucid Interval
  7. Thunder Shadow
  8. Redacter (feat. Lapa)
  9. Formulates in Darkness (feat. Kyrstyn Pixton)
  10. Water Chandelier
  11. Bodhicitta (feat. Rigzin)
  12. Time Reel (feat. Lapa)
  13. Heavenly Light
  14. Sepulcher (feat. Jason Kalidas)
  15. Repose (feat. Peia)

Upcoming Random Rab Dates

Aug 1-6 O.Z.O.R.A Festival, Hungary

Aug 11-14 Beloved Festival, OR

Aug 11-14 Shambhala Festival, BC

Aug 18-21 Global Eclipse Gathering, OR

Sep 1-4 Burning Man Festival, NV

For more information about Random Rab, please visit:

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