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Party on the Road with These Four Cannabis Travel Accessories

We’ve discovered four cool products that can help make your smoking experience easier while traveling and recreating!
Cannador Travel Case

We’ve discovered four cool products that can help make your smoking experience easier while traveling and recreating! 

Carry Your Cannabis in Style with Cannador:

Those who like luxury items will appreciate Cannador’s travel cases. Choose the Genuine Leather Case or a Ballistic Nylon Travel Case. Both come with a TiZip® airtight zipper and a TSA combination lock that is sold separately. The modular interiors of these cases are lined with black leather and can be custom configured to allow for up to four 1/2 ounce or 4 1/4 ounce glass cups. A mesh pocket with nylon velcro straps on the interior lid can hold portable smoking accessories. Also, there’s a station that can secure a grinder that has up to a 2.5" diameter and 2.25" height. Additional space on the bottom interior allows one to secure smoking accessories using nylon straps. These cases will be available in September.

Before traveling with cannabis, consult individual state laws. Also, this guide from Leafly offers pointers for those traveling with cannabis.

Nugtools Nuggy

Always Have What You Need with The Nuggy by NugTools:

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The Nuggy multi-tool is styled like a Swiss Army Knife. This compact device consolidates ten different smoking functions with each tool made of stainless steel. No more searching around for that elusive roach clip or other smoking accessory. A spring-locked system and an easy to use lever keeps the tool in place during use. Also the device comes with a small battery powered light to aid one in preparing a pipe, bong or dab rig once the sun goes down. At only .5 pounds, this sturdy device won’t weigh one’s luggage down when traveling.

The one item missing is a grinder as adding a quality grinder would have transformed this into a larger more bulky accessory. However, the scissors tool can chop up flower if needed. Be sure to bring along a lighter as that is the one smoking accessory not attached to the tool. 

Resolution Rescaps Camping

Transport Glass Accessories with ResCaps

Thanks to Resolution's ResCaps, one can pack along a dab rig or water pipe and keep the contents contained when hiking, traveling to a festival, or hitting up a party. These silicone based caps stretch to provide an airtight seal over the openings. Also, the caps make cleaning a breeze as one can shake their glass accessory vigorously without any spillage. Carry along their latest product ResGel, a resealable pouch containing a non-toxic, clay-based cleansing formula. Just tear off the top of the package, drop in one's glass accessories, then shake gently until the accessory is cleaned. 

Canna Smack Luxe

Keep Skin Hydrated While on the Go with CannaSmack:

CannaSmack, a woman owned and operated company, producing a line of hydrating hemp body lotion and lip balms. These products are perfect for those who want the healing Omega-3, Omega-6, and Vitamins A, E, D, & B-12 properties found in hemp but remain leery of using cannabis infused topicals. Their gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan are products made from domestic Oregon grown premium THC-free hemp seed oil and it contains zero parabens and sulfates. The product’s names such as DayTripper, HappyTokes, and Maui Wowi evoke a playful hippie vibe. Their Plain Mary Jane lotion and help lip balm is unscented for those with scent allergies. Recently, CannaSmack launched their Luxe line of skin care products that include a Rejuvenating Eye & Lip Serum, Clarifying Polish Scrub, Hydrating Toner Spritz and more!

Be sure to check out their social advocacy campaign called #FreeTheLeaf where they donate two percent of all their profits to support cannabis legalization lobby group NORML.

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