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Playlist: Get Dirtybird Funky This Summer With Weiss

Funky chicken dance moves encouraged here from Weiss we assume

It is still the summer. It is time to live your best life. Dirtybird Records released its Summer Funk EP with contributions from Weiss, Lee Walker, Bump Ugly and Lord Leopard. In celebration of the EP and summer in general, we asked each of the DJs to come up with summer playlists and they did not disappoint. 

We start things off with one from Weiss, as he brings together tunes from all across music. It is only five tracks, but they each pack their own different punch for a special playlist.

1. Marlena Shaw "California Soul" Jazzman

Originally written by Ashford & Simpson in 1969 Marlena Shaw covered it with this version. I love the original Ashford & Simpson version but I think this has more impact when it starts and really captures the essence of summer from start to finish. It's a real feel good record that gets played whenever I’m having a bad day.

2. Primal Scream "Loaded" Creation

What a track. That intro just gets you sucked straight in. It came out in 1990 and was the beginning stages of me getting into House Music. The whole album is fantastic but this song really stands out for me and always brings back good memories of going record shopping when i was a kid. I think the vocal sample is from The Emotions "I Don't Want To Lose Your Love" 

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3. Sheila & B Devotion "Spacer" Carrere Records

This is one of my younger sons favorite tracks in the car and we always blast it out during the summer. Written and produced by Chic you can't go wrong. It's just a feel good disco record.

4. Chaka Khan "Ain't Nobody" (Frankie Knuckles Remix) Warner Bros. Records

This is an amazing remix from the great man himself, Frankie Knuckles. I absolutely love the original but this version just makes me think, Chicago, House, good memories, House Music, freedom of expression. Every time I hear this version it takes me back to clubbing in the 90's and thinking of raving. 

5. Curtis Mayfield "Love Me, Love Me Now" RSO

Love the funk behind this record. I mean, what an amazing producer but this is proper ghetto, soul, funk at it's best. Definitely gets my head nodding in the summer.

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