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Wolf Story has had a prolific month of August on the production end with tunes on Detroit imprint KMS and Italian’s finest Natura Viva, they are now landing on New York based label Nite Grooves. For those of you who don’t know the latter, Nite Grooves is home to the legendary Kerri Chandler but more recently Angelo Ferreri, Dennis Ferrer, Man Without a Clue and many more.

Wolf Story’s EP is named Blue Parrot. The title track is no dance floor banger. The track is filled with percussions, mystical pads & whistles, and some reverbs and fx. B Side “Shadows” is in the same spirit perhaps with a more noticeable bass taking you from underneath. You probably remember the sad events that happened at BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen last January. The whole dance community came to together in shock. It looks like Wolf Story wanted to dedicate their EP to the events that unfolded in Mexico, we reached out to them and they gave us the following statement:

“We wrote Blue Parrot EP after our return from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We felt a mixture of happiness since we attended our first BPM Festival and deep sadness because of the tragedy that happened at Blue Parrot. Blue Parrot & Shadows feature organic soundscapes, percussive grooves and nature elements, something that we experienced while visiting the Mayan city. We are honored to see these songs now resonate on King Street / Nite Grooves records”

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We did a little bit of research and Blue Parrot is actually a fish that can be found in the Caribbean, and when looking at it from the front, it is true, it does remind you of a parrot! They play an important part on the production of the Coral sand, using their sharp beak to remove algae from rocks.


Back to the musical world, Blue Parrot is an experimental jam, and yes we do hear some flutes & percussion reminding of native music such as the Mayas, the track is even filled with bird sounds like you would hear in the forest. In a dance music world where so many want to create music that is a plain copycat of others, it’s quite refreshing to see artists taking some risks and giving their music genuine meaning.

Blue Parrot EP will drop on August 28. 

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