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[Premiere] D-DOTS - "Swangin' Waist ft. Snappy Jit" (JEKA! JEKA! Remix)

Summer isn't quite over yet.
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Although we are slowly starting to see fall in our horizon as we begin to get ready to part ways with August, that doesn't mean that the music industry has quite gotten the memo on the season change quite yet. This means that there are some still summer-anthem worthy music coming out from so many incredible genres and artists, and today we're excited to present one such track - a remix of D-DOTS and his incredible song "Swangin Waist." 

The energetic track helps us remember that there are still some hot days and long nights ahead, and JEKA! JEKA!'s eclectic touch is a superb take on an already great original. While he's already received attention from various award-shows and television, his upcoming track with Hot Mom USA is about to be a major high point in his already fantastic career. 

Check out the track below. 

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