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Premiere: Josephine's "Not Me It's You" Music Video

Rising Independent Vocalist Josephine Releases The Fourth and Final Music Video in Her Multimedia Series
Josephine - Not Me It's You

Los Angeles based recording artist Josephine will release her debut EP Love Trap: The Story independently this Friday, August 4. The EP, produced by Paul Water, tells the nonlinear four-part story of a breakup. It is an EP about the ultimate highs and lowest lows that we feel when we are high on love, success, or drugs. Throughout this past month, Josephine released a corresponding music video to each of the four singles featured on her forthcoming EP. Following up on the release of her fourth single "Not Me It's You", Josephine is excited to announce the release of her corresponding and final music video in the four-part multimedia series.

The fourth and final chapter on the Love Trap: The Story EP, “Not Me It’s You” pays homage to the classic break up saying - except it tells the truth. Josephine uses her own unique style of broken vocals to tell the story about a breakup and the metaphoric death that takes place at the end of a romantic relationship. Her music video provides insight to what most relationships struggle with - truth. Josephine showcases her rapping skills as she teases with the age-old saying, except in reverse, “now I know it’s true, it’s not me, it’s you.”

Jopsehine had this to say about "Not Me It's You": "I was inspired to create this song when I saw my ex-boyfriend months after a bad breakup. After months of torturing myself, debating where I went wrong, it dawned on me that no other outcome could have come from the way he was living his life. I was addicted to him. He was addicted to something else. Each and every one of us has vices in this life."

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Josephine is a pop and R&B singer/ songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA who is known for her sultry, dark sound intertwined with hip-hop elements. Living by the motto of “Stay Weird", Josephine aims to encourage young women to embrace all facets of themselves.

Watch Josephine's "Not Me It's You" music video on YouTube.

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