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Premiere: Kaz James Remixes Elderbrook 'Woman'

Elderbrook gets a deep and brooding remix from Kaz James

Elderbrook, born Alex Kotz recently released his new single “Woman” a laidback mix of soul and electronica. Now the remixes are coming and we are happy to present the rework from Australian producer and DJ Kaz James.

Kaz James switches up the production and elongates the tune into an 8-minute odyssey. It starts out with a long section of chugging bass with a faint horn swirling in the background before the vocals start to enter the fray and become occasionally distorted. Percussion is added before some brooding synths enter the fray into this deep and hypnotic remix.

"I really like Kaz's production skills and I've wanted to work with him for a while. The remix has a great energy and I’m really glad we made it happen,” says Elderbrook.

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This remix will be released tomorrow as part of the three part remix package with others by FTSE and ZDS. 

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