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Premiere: Millionyoung 'Rare Form'

Millionyoung will release his fourth album, Rare Form, later this year

Miami’s Mike Diaz, also known as Millionyoung, is gearing up to release his fourth album Rare Form and we are happy to present the lead single and title track for you today.

The tune is an irresistible mix of disco and downtempo electronica that is a soothing ride from start to finish. There are hints of an 1980’s influence throughout, while the chugging percussion gives it still an upbeat tempo.

“The album Rare Form is sort of a personal account of the last 2 or 3 years, trying to find a balanced perspective on life and love, despite the world's polarized expectations,” explains Millionyoung. “The title track specifically, is about letting go of those external expectations, and learning for myself what I wanted, and where I was or wasn't willing to compromise. From there the record explores the results of those decisions, which, while difficult at first, have led to my favorite point in life so far.”

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The single will be released tomorrow, while the album is slated to drop at some point later this year.

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