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Premiere: Treasure Fingers Gets Party Started With 'Candy & Balloons EP'

Treasure Fingers is ready to release a new four track EP on his own Psycho Disco.
Treasure Fingers

Atlanta-based producer, DJ and label head Treasure Fingers is ready to unleash another dose of bass music. The Psycho Disco! boss will release his new four-track EP, Candy & Balloons EP tomorrow and we have the full premiere here for you.

While Treasure Fingers will say this isn’t really house -- the tracks have some house elements, blending with bass music, funk and g-house. This creates a combination of speaker rattling singles that are there to start the party, keep the party going and shut that thing down if need be.

The EP is four tracks in total, but it is really just two, unless you are a DJ or don’t like the vocals on the first two. There is a dub of “Candy” and an instrumental of “Big Balloons.”

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"I made this EP trying to merge the throwback blog-house mindset of just fun party music with current club music production techniques. At it's heart, it's just quirky vocals laced with innuendo over warm bubbly bass, I wouldn't even call it house music really,” says Treasure Fingers describing the EP to Magnetic. 

“I'm not sure where it fits in honestly but it's been doing magic in my DJ sets lately. So I think fans & club goers are getting tired of full DJ sets of a single micro-sub-genre and want to just party, mix it up a lot & have fun."

The Candy & Balloons EP will be released tomorrow via his own Psycho Disco!

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