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Rødhåd Announces Debut Album 'Anxious'

Rodhad's debut album will be released on October 20th
Rodhad Anxious

Berlin techno DJ and producer Rødhåd has announced his debut artist album Anxious. He first made his claim to fame spinning marathon sets around the German capital and soon became a wanted name around the globe. Now he is ready to release his debut album that according to a press release is like “being thrown into a world that is ready to crush you.” The message to the listener is will you fight back and how so?

The LP will be released on October 20th via Distopian, the label he has been co-running since 2012. It has 10 tracks in total.

It will take a step back from the dancefloor and is described as the next logical step from his recent Kinder der Ringwelt and Söhne der Erde EPs.

Find the complete tracklist below.


01. Unleash

02. Withheld Walk

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03. Escape

04. Brief Respite

05. Awash

06. Glimmer Of Light

07. Target Line feat. Vril

08. Burst

09. Left Behind

10. Cast A Shadow 

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