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Let’s be honest, there are not a lot of good things about becoming an adult. Arguably one of the worst things about growing up is missing out on Summer Camp. Summer Camp was where all our good memories of childhood came from. Those couple of weeks where we were without our parents, chores, and school, we felt like we could do anything and be anything. Unfortunately, that comes to an end; we can no longer refine our tie-dying skills and becoming master archers. But, the Dirtybird family doesn’t think summer camp has to end for us. In fact, it is just getting to the good parts.

For the third year, the Dirtybirds give you another chance to relive your summer camp dreams. From October 6th to the 8th, you’ll be able to get out your games of capture the flag and campfire songs before you head back to work and school. This year will be no different for the Dirtybird Campout, except you are going to see a new location. The Campout has moved from Oak Canyon Park to Lake San Antonio in Bradley, California. While we are sad to see leave our Campout home, the Dirtybirds promise us that this new location will be even better than before. They boast more space for activities, a hiking trail and a new stage!

We, at Magnetic Mag, want to show you why this is going to be the festival for you, if just the fact that you get to go back to summer camp isn’t enough.

Camp Activities

One of the best things about summer camp are all the activities, from arts and crafts to competing in games against the other cabins. You can't have a Campout with out the games! Each day, the Dirtybirds have created a line-up for all the activities that you can do. If you aren’t listening to your favorite artists and want to take a break from dancing around, you will have a ton of activities to choose from. You can choose from kickball, ultimate Frisbee and night activities like bingo and karaoke. One of our favorites are the tournaments that happen everyday. You will be pitted against your friends and other groups in the classic games of dodge ball, tug-of-war and 3-legged races. We'll see who the winner is this year. 

The Line-Up

We all know you can’t really mess up a Dirtybird line-up. We are safe knowing that our Dirtybirds will be up on the stage bringing unforgettable sets that are known to include unreleased music. Every year we have seen an amazing line-up for the Campout including all the Dirtybird players that we know and love. This year's lineup includes king of the roost, Claude VonStroke,  J. Phlip, The Martin Brothers, Cut Snake, Walker & Royce, Matthew Dear, Gene Farris, Eats Everything and more. You can also look forward to back to back (b2b) sets from from Ardalan & Worthy, Desert Hearts Mikey Lion & Porkchop, Jesse Rose & Riva Starr, Kill Frenzy & Will Clarke with many surprises in store. This year's festival has expanded to include another stage featuring not only the house and techno genres we love, but also includes bass artist Bleep Bloop and Mija Fk A Genre w/ Netsky & Ryan Forever. 

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The Busses

For those of us that are not lucky enough to live near the Campout, it may seem impossible to get yourself there easily and hassle free. Like many other festivals where you may live far away, you have to go through the nightmare of either driving your car hours upon hours or taking a flight and then being forced to grab a rental car to get to the venue. All this can really add up in the end. Thankfully, the Dirtybirds have made this hassle free for you by lining-up busses to get you from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego airports to the venue and then back to the airport at the end of the Campout. This way there is no need for you to worry about driving the whole way to the festival and you can just relax after your long plane ride. We recommend flying into Los Angeles because it not only has a cheaper round trip bus ticket, but you also get to pick whether you want an earlier bus ride ticket or later arrival, giving you even more options.

Digital Detox 

We, at Magnetic Mag, would never rip on technology, it is a beautiful thing. However, sometimes it can be too much and you need some time away to get back to reality and connect with the people physically around you. The Campout is going to give you the chance to do that. While you will have your service and technology available to you, we challenge you to set it down for this festival and take it all in. The Dirtybirds have come up with a bunch of activities throughout the weekend to get you to put down your technology and go through their Digital Detox. The Digital Detox will line up yoga, nature hikes, sing-alongs and bird watching to help you relax and get you back to nature. Take advantage of all these activities at the Campout to relax and detox before you have to go to work or school.

October is always a sad time in the electronic scene because it usually means the very end of festival season. However, if you aren't ready for the fun to end, be sure to check out the Dirtybird Campout as this festival will provide you with bumpin' beats all night long, fun games to play with your friends and a relaxed environment where you can swing in your hammock in the trees. This October 6th-8th, we hope to see you at San Antonio Campgrounds to experience camp all over again and we know the Dirtybirds will not disappoint. Thankfully, you still have a ton of ticketing options available at the festival like the regular "festival pass" the "backstage party" pass, "early arrival" options and more. Act fast so you can get your groove on in California.

What are you most excited for at this years Campout? Comment below. 

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