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Another Chicago staple is about to hit us next month, North Coast Music Festival. We haven’t even finished Lollapalooza and Chicago is ready for its next weekend long festival. Every year, since 2010, Chicago’s Union Park has transformed into a music playground for thousands of attendees. From September 1st to the 3rd, it will be no different at Union Park  for North Coast's eighth year; expecting bigger and better with outstanding line-ups and an additional stage.

React Presents, Silver Wrapper, Cold Grums Productions, and Metronome Chicago are all teaming up to make this festival happen in under a month. We have a lot to expect and they all have surprises in store for us. We, at Magnetic, have looked back at the reasons why we love North Coast Music Festival and why we think you will, too. 

The Music

This seems like kind of a no brainer. Why would you go to a music festival if you didn’t like the music? The reason we bothered saying the music is because North Coast is not a one-trick-genre festival. You can walk in and be immersed in all types of music from hip-hop, electronic, to jam-band. This year's headliners include Deadmau5 & Eric Prydz, Damien "Jr. Gong" Marley, STS9, Primus, Gucci Man and Ween to name a few. If you purely love music and multiple genres, this will be your festival. North Coast’s curators do an amazing job of giving you multiple genres as well as introducing you to artists you may have never heard of before.

An artist we are excited to see is Crystal Knives (Spencer Mutsch) at the Bass Tent. Spencer hails from Wisconsin and is making moves in Chicago, producing and DJing trap and bass tracks. Crystal Knives’s SoundCloud is filled with remixes and original songs that give you the perfect playlist to get you ready for North Coast. One of our new favorite songs from Crystal Knives is Elements with his friends RCKT PWR, also from Wisconsin.  

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The Location

Union Park is once again the venue for North Coast and we can not be happier. Throughout the past couple of years, we have seen festivals move from venues due to growing popularity and legal problems, some for the better and some for the worse. However, Union Park has stayed a home for North Coast Music Festival for the past eight years. The biggest reason we love the location is the conveniency of it. There is no need to worry about paying expensive ubers or taxis to get your squad to the festival.  All you need to do is hop on the pink or green line and hop off at Ashland and within a couple of steps is Union Park. No hassle. No Stress. To add, if you look east towards the main stage, you see the beautiful Chicago skyline.  What more could you ask for?

More Than Music

Recently, we looked in to React Presents “More Than Music Series” where the production company has been pushing for regular festivals in Chicago to include more than just music as the series suggests. The company advocates to not only include a dope line-up, but art installations from people around the nation as well as classes to get its attendees healthy. North Coast will be no different for React and its partners. Every year we see new and modern art pieces included on the festival grounds. One of our favorite parts of the art installations is the live action graffiti in the Silent Disco. As you bob around with your headphones listening to music, you can watch graffiti artists make beautiful pieces in front of you. This project is inspired by the street art of Chicago and continues to be an awesome addition to the North Coast installations. Luckily, we get another year with the live action graffiti!

One of our favorite additions to this years festival is yoga. Yoga is the perfect way to get your mind and body centered for all the dancing that you will have to do all weekend. Take a health break and work on some yoga with your instructor for the festival, Cass. Her positive energy will help any beginner or master get into her yoga vibeflo.

The Food

No festival is complete without food. If your festival doesn’t have good food, the whole thing is a mess. One thing we love about North Coast is its food, but to be honest you really can’t go wrong with any food coming out of Chicago. Every year, North Coast brings us some of the best munchies to keep us going all day. Food trucks are all the rage right now and North Coast is no stranger to them. If you have no idea what to decide from then head to one of the food trucks. You can't go wrong with any of them. One of our favorites is Cheesies, where you can get gourmet grilled cheese. Take a food break with Cheesies, you can't go wrong with their Frenchie grilled cheese. 

It seems like every festival season there is a new festival popping up in Chicago and has become one of the biggest festival capitals of the nation. This only adds to the reason that we love North Coast. It has weathered its time in Chicago and grown to be a staple in the festival season. There are a thousand things to love about North Coast Music Festival, but these were some of our favorites. Are you ready for North Coast in less than a month? Thankfully, you still have a chance to get some tickets!

Tell us what is your favorite thing about North Coast in the comments below!

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