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Reverb Launching Online Marketplace For Vinyl & Other Physical Music

You will soon have another option to buy and sell super obscure vinyl four people care about

Reverb, an online marketplace for buying, selling and learning about music gear is launching a new website for a buying and selling vinyl and formats of physical music. The site will officially launch sometime later this year.

They will face tough competition trying to unseat stiff competition from the incumbent in the marketplace, Discogs, and other large general resellers like Ebay.

That is not dissuading Reverb. They are confident as ever that they can become the best outlet in the marketplace. The launch of Reverb LP parallels our launch of in 2013 in a way,” says Dan Melnick, COO to Magnetic. “At that time, there were other options for buying and selling music gear - but we knew that we could do it better."

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He continues in a statement, “Based on the community we’ve cultivated, the success and support we’ve experienced, and the knowledge we’ve gained, is uniquely positioned to provide the industry with the best online marketplace for buying and selling records.”

The marketplace will allow sellers to upload records in minutes and give them data dashboards to track sales and shipping. Reverb will offer some content around various pieces to go more in depth on what is on the website.

Head to the website now to sign up before it launches later this year.

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