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Roland Announces SH-01A and TR-08 Boutique Synths

After much speculation, two of the most famous synthesizers return
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Today, Japanese synthesizer giant Roland announces their latest additions to their boutique series lineup. The hardware company has unveiled the SH-01A and TR-08, miniature versions of two of the most legendary synthesizers ever. The SH-101 has become a techno icon, while the 808 really needs no introduction, as it's been used on almost every hip-hop record ever. To many, this is less of a surprise and more of an about time situation, as the SH-101 has been one of the most requested and sought after synths in recent years. Also, when Roland released the 909 last year, it only seemed logical that an 808 would follow. Surprisingly, they have released the SH-01A in all three original colors, being grey, red, and blue.


Carrying on the boutique tradition, both of the new synths have been painstakingly modeled after the originals, but contain new features as well. On the 01, you can now play it in polyphonic mode, as well as save 64 patches and sequences, and even use it as a low-latency audio interface. One the TR-08, new features include added Compressor, Gain, Tune, and Pan for selected instruments, as well as an updated sequencer that allows for 16 sub-steps per step, so you can create detailed snare fills and intricate, rolling hi-hats.

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Check out Mathew Jonson jamming on the SH-01A and TR-08 below

Both units will be out later this year for $349

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