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Save The Rainforest By Dancing For New Charity

Dance For One Meter lets you save one small plot one rainforest, one ticket at a time
Rainforest That We Gotta Save

We gotta save this, ya dig?

Ever stayed up at night wondering if your raving lifestyle was killing the bees, or destroying the rain forest? You weren’t? Well now those potential nightmares can be assuaged by a new charitable initiative Dance For One Meter that is hoping to save the rainforest, or at least parts of it.

To do so is rather simple. Just do what you normally do – buy tickets to shows – and you will be given a square meter plot of land in the Cuipo Foundation Rainforest Preserve in Brazil. The Cuipo Foundation and Rainforest Trust are protecting it. Once you buy a ticket, you will be given the coordinates to your plot and you can watch your bit of wildlife thrive and prosper.

"The D41M project is rolling out globally, so far everyone we have spoken to has agreed to join our initiative, it's such a humbling feeling to know that this is happening and it's happening on a large scale right now,” says founder Ricardo Porteus in a press release. “The D41M initiative is growing with Paul Oakenfold and Judge Jules now supporting us, alongside celebrity names in environmental protection and thought leadership being announced soon.”

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D41M has partnered with HI Ibiza over the summer on all of their shows, so if you are headed there this summer, go and save the rainforest. They also partnered with New York’s HRBR Project on Governor's island for a few shows this summer.

There are more festivals to come once they sign their damn paperwork. Get more info here.

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