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Soul Bandit - A Tribute To Dancing Queen

Soul Bandit Pays Homage To ABBA's "Dancing Queen" On Latest Release
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Soul Bandit is quickly rising to be one of Los Angeles’ most prolific young producers of 2017. A quick play through her humble Soundcloud account will show how versatile of an artist the Soul Bandit project really is. Deep, soul, funk, and bass are just words that scratch the surface of the productions she’s been quietly releasing since May. Her fourth release ‘A Tribute To Dancing Queen’ takes a different creative direction, where she pays respects to her influential roots: her mother and ABBA.

“Although I intended this release to be in alignment with my 3 previous releases, the idea behind making this one is a bit more personal. ABBA's music has been part of my life since I was in the womb, so naturally they're influences when it comes to me making my own music. Dancing Queen in particular is near and dear to both me and my mother's hearts, and she is the one who ignited my passion for music the minute I was born. I probably wouldn't be actively pursuing this career if it weren't for her gifting me her love of music and encouraging me to take this journey. So this song was really written for her.” – Soul Bandit

An eerie ‘whoo’ echoes as Soul Bandit’s ‘A Tribute To Dancing Queen’ takes off with head-bobbing percussions and a roaring bass line. Reverbed and chopped up chants of ‘dancing queen’ and ‘seventeen’ are lightly peppered over the tribute’s meaty bass lines and add a heavenly touch to get your body moving and hips swaying to an instant classic. Unlike the groovy disco original, Soul Bandit takes a darker, downtempo approach that evokes an unexpected combination of feelings like melancholy and hope. Whatever the tribute does, it’s sure to make your heart melt. 

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