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SpinSpinNYC’s Latest Drop from Galexi "Galaxy" Is Pure Eclipse Disco

Galexi Galaxy is the perfect song for your eclipse viewing
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Galexi Galaxy

SpinSpinNYC just dropped a hot new video from the mysterious group Galexi. What seems to be their first release, “Galaxy” is a mesmerizing journey through the cosmos--a virtual reality-like trip through space with some sort of banging rave on a far off planet with a death-star disco-ball and a really cool eclipse of a sun. 

So far, this is all we know about Galexi, other than this message we found on what appears to be their Tumblr page.


We came from the ruin

We came from Old Earth.

We came from the desert

We made it to Home.

Our new home is called Issia.

Light years from desert Earth, we escaped to a new world.

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We came to Issia:

one priestess,

one scientist,

one mission:

to create a new world of harmony.

On Issia, sound waves create spontaneous healing.

On Issia, we care for our world.

Music is our God and we are one with the sound.

Galexi chronicles our journey into song.

We are Galexi.

The song is irresistible. It’s Bjork meets Sia meets Giorgio Moroder. MAGNETIC will keep you posted if we hear any more news about Galexi and this beautiful music. 

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