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Stream: Nite Records - Summer Nites Vol. 3

Summer is eternal in this new compilation from the Los Angeles label
summer nites vol.3

One of life's greatest pleasures is dancing in the warmth of a summer night. And when surrounded by friends and your favorite DJ, it really doesn't get much better.  Los Angeles music outlet Nite Records releases a compilation that truly embodies this, their third iteration of their Summer Nites series. Vol. 3 provides you with 10 fresh tunes that will keep you moving and grooving long after summer has come and gone. 

The tracklist is comprised of some fresh faces in the scene and contains a mix of house, tech, and serious funk. Some standout tracks include Forget Who We Are, House is House, and Tonight's The Night. Although that's certainly not to say that the other tracks aren't killer as well. To top this all off, the compilation is available for free download. Summer rules. 

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Download Summer Nites Vol. 3 here. 

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