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Stream: Rabbit In The Moon Returns After 6 Years With 'Seven Loves Electro' EP

The legendary group drops a 3-track Electro EP on Insomniac Records
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Seven Loves Electro cover thumper -2

For those of you who have been around long enough, Rabbit In The Moon is a name that needs no introduction. The group was responsible for some of the most iconic tracks in the early '00s, with a style composed of house, breaks, and psychedelic trance. But the past is the past, and trends and music taste evolves. So where are they now? Well, after a 6-year hiatus, the group has returned with a 3-piece Electro/Miami Bass influenced EP via Insomniac Records. What's more is that the whole release is inspired by Bunny's at the time unborn child. 

Rounding out the EP, is the track the whole release was named after, 'Seven Loves Electro.' Here we have what you could say is the best combination of where the group came from, and perhaps where they are going. The gated pads and airy vocals, paired with a melodic arp are what RITM was best known for, and it's definitely refreshing to hear them in a modern setting. But as stated, this track is a combination of old and new, and the growls that make up the other tracks on the EP provide somewhat of a push-and-pull feel. 

Overall it's a very well produced release, and very refreshing to see the group not give up their roots, but also not remake their old records again. Hopefully, we hear more of their signature sounds in the future, as their uplifting trance sound was genre-defining, to say the least. Below is a quote and a bit of backstory on the release from Bunny himself. 

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"In preparation for last year's Ultra Miami closing slot, we were jamming away in the studio, writing songs for our comeback show after a 6-year hiatus. We decided that if we were going to do this again, we wanted to write all new music for the show, not just dwell on the past.

During one particular session, we were working on this Electro/Miami Bass-type track called "in my brain". I brought my fiancé Loni into the studio to get her opinion on it. She was seven months pregnant with our child at the time. As the track played our unborn baby, who we had recently decided to name Seven Moon, began to kick at a crazy rate like she thought she was in a mosh pit or something.

When the track ended she stopped kicking and we all laughed. I smiled and said "Seven loves electro!"

Now Seven is 16 months old and still loves electro. We wrote her song, the title track of the EP, a couple of months ago, and hopefully, it's as beautiful, playful, and full of life as she is."

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