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The Click: A Documentary About Where The Drums Went & Why Music Sounds The Same

From the metronome, to the drum machine, a new documentary looks at the impact of technology on drummers.
Anna Lunoe Greatest Day Ever 2017

That clicking sound. Everyone knows it, but its impact in music isn’t as well known as it should be. First the metronome and then by extension the drum machine, the automation of drums has changed music forever. On the day we celebrate the Roland TR-808, it is also important to look at the other side of the coin – drummers. A new documentary titled The Click is doing just that, looking at drumming automation from the point of view of drummers and how it is making all rhythms so “perfect” and sound so similar.

The documentary is still in its infancy and needs help to be created, but the trailer looks fascinating with interviews with drummers who have worked alongside the likes of Frank Zappa, Mick Jagger, Hans Zimmer, Quincy Jones and more.

Greg Ellis is creating the documentary. As electronic music enthusiasts, we can get lost in the wonders of technology, but there is another, sometimes darker, side to that and this film will hopefully shed some light on it. Can music be too perfect? Sometimes those imperfections are what make a song sound real and ultimately human.

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Watch the trailer below and support the film here

The last update on the film came in December 2017 on Indiegogo, so maybe this has set back the publicity around the movie. Movies can take a long time to make, but hopefully this is released soon.

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