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Live From Avalon Hollywood: the Lights/Out Selection 32

This week we go live and direct from the world famous Avalon Hollywood
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Every other Wednesday, I dig deep through my record collection to bring you the freshest cuts from across the globe, with sounds ranging from ambient, to pop, to hard techno, in order to create for you a mix like nothing else around. All genres of music are welcome, and there are no rules. If the music is good, it gets played. Lights out heads down, this is the sound of the world's underground.


Can you believe summer is almost over? Not cool. At all. I'm upset. Well, not entirely, but who doesn't love summer? Fall is cool too though. It's jacket season. Anyways, before we get completely off track, welcome back to the Lights/Out Selection. This week, we head out of the studio and into the club, with the last hour of my set from Avalon Hollywood this past Saturday. For all of you in attendance, it was incredible! The energy, the connection, it was what makes me love DJing. Everything was perfect. Well, minus a small recording issue, but things happen. There won't be any tracklist this week, as I've played most of these tracks via the studio mixes, but nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this as much as I and the crowd did. 

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