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Everyone is currently at Let It Roll and this is highly depressing. For my fellow FOMO sufferers - I hope you find something to console you below!

"Skuttle" - Frankee [RAM Records]

Hard hitting and aptly titled, this track skuttles harder than that whopping large spider in Harry Potter. You can rest assured the bad man from RAM, Frankee has one hell of a debut LP incoming.

"Unsaid" - Pola & Bryson ft. BLAKE [Shogun Audio]

Pola & Bryson join forces with the glossy vocals stylings of Kiwi homegirl, BLAKE, in this glittery title track from the fast approaching EP... next Friday kids!

"Nine Roses" - Wiguez [Kinphonic]

Who is Wiguez? And what is he doing with all the foliage! One can only assume he's in some sort of dog box - but what a bloody good mash-up has come of it!

"Numbers (Turno Remix) - Barely Royal [Maraki Records]

Demon of a mix from the man with the longest bio on Soundcloud, ever. Guinness World Records type shit.

"Keep Moving On" - BCee [Spearhead Records]

Spearhead's main man in charge earning his chops. Phwoaarrrr and other similar sounds!!

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"The Mothership (VIP) -  Phace & Mefjus [Neosignal Recordings]

Drum and bass hath no better example of man love. Their collaborations are like two symphonic bulls, barrelling towards each other in a glass factory - ahhh, beautiful.

"Get It" - Konichi [Playaz]

One half of duo Annix lays down some serious solo turf.

"Kabuki" - 1991 [1991]

1991's flavour is always, MAJOR. Kabuki, is a traditional Japanese theatrical form - a rich blend of music, dance, mime, and spectacular staging and costuming. Now you know.

"Inside" - Hybrid Minds ft. Emily Jones [Hybrid Music]

Serious bliss bringer - save this one for your silly Sunday.

"Mimic" - Droptek [Monstercat]

Droptek's new EP, 'Fragments' is proper pick 'n' mix of tricks - there's something there for everyone. Assuming you like dubstep and drum and bass. Obvs. Get amongst it.

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