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At the time when the entire world wanted to hear more of that new -not so new, genre called deep house, some dude called Danny Daze released “Your Everything” in 2011… and the rest is history. The man who used to cut Armando Perez hair – also known as Pitbull, is flirting today with German greatness again, releasing new music on Kompakt records, now that’s some big news! Danny now runs his own imprint, Omnidisc. As for successful Miami talents, Jesse Perez has given his track “Fake” to Steve Lawler for a dope remix and Heart Miami resident Archila makes a debut on Italian imprint Go Deeva records. This month we have a few newcomers such as Miichii, Dirty9, Rob Hollywood, TechNeekz, Kid Moss and many more. Discover the best Miami talents, the ones who are already accomplished and the ones who hustle to stand out from the thousands of house music producers out there.

Danny Daze & Shokh

Aire is the latest creation by forward thinking artist Danny Daze. It’s a melodic techno ballad going the route Kompakt usually does. A trippy stab, a powerful bassline topped by some breath taking synths & drums. The break is quite emotional, you will feel it deep inside your senses. We’re glad to have Danny Daze back in full form, what a track!

Jesse Perez

If you haven’t heard of “Fake” by Jesse Perez, you probably have lived in a cave for about a year or so. The intergalactic dancefloor banger is now revived by none other than Steve Lawler himself. Out now via Mr Nice Guy Records.

Archila & Lukas Valo & Kid Moss

Archila is back on Miami talent with his partners in crime Lukas Valo and Kid Moss. Their tune “Gods Gift” is aiming minimal, the tune features a fine arpeggio, an underground vocal and a warm bassline coming from underneath. Their track is part of the Go Deeva Ibiza Compilation compiled by Simone Vitullo. Well done!


Following tunes on Toolroom, Heldeep and Stereo, the prolific Miami based artist is still making some noise with Armada. “Left Lonely” is out now on their sister label Armada Deep. It will fit any DJ bag worldwide. Go get it!


Miichii makes his debut in Miami Talents with “Stay”. The tune was premiered by Deep House Amsterdam, with no surprise it’s a deep house journey, the production is very solid, no dance floor banger…it’s a kind of vibe that will make you travel very, very far.

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Rob Hollywood

Rob is New York based, but if you play his tune “Mi Tierra”, you will clearly be transported into the world of Little Havana in Miami. His release is out on Oscar G’s label Made in Miami records.

TechNeekz, Burn1, Takshak

Techneekz launches a new label “Dark Shades records” with a first release named “Groovy Girl”. Their song is well crafted with a heavy bass line and powerful drums, as the lyrics suggest, “Let’s Feel the Groove!”


Dirty9 is also a new comer on Miami Talents, it was about time to feature him. “Mr Thinker” is a vinyl only release coming out on German imprint Osprey Underground. When Miami meets Berlin by way of Sarasota. Sarasota based artist Odi Diaz is the original producer on the track.

James Himself, Andre Salmon

Andre Salmon is an Ecuador based artist, we’re making a rare exception to our Miami Talents feature for him as he’s releasing music on Miami imprint Prisoner of Love. Salmon released beats on labels like Saved records, you might want to keep an eye on him!

Wolf Story

“Music Please” is out now on Kevin Saunderson’s imprint KMS records. We heard it received support by Chus & Ceballos, Steve Lawler and Brett Gould…

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