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Indie is a very strange genre of music in that has many sub-genres added into it. The genre is like a huge pot of candy, you never know what you’re going to get. To introduce myself, my name is Brooke and I’m constantly on the search for new tunes to please my ears. Currently residing in San Marcos, Texas, I am right down the road from the live music capitol of the world, Austin, Texas. Austin brings in a huge melting pot of all kinds of music, I’m beyond happy to have the opportunity to experience music in the city and I’m always on the lookout for new shows to attend. Ranging from folk, surf, alternative, art, punk, psych and many more, I am here to bring you the hottest new indie jams on the block. Here are the top 15 indie songs of August 2017.

1. "Holding On" - The War On Drugs

Following up on Lost In A Dream from 2014, The War On Drugs have done it again. This album has been a long wait for fans, but it’s damn good. Of course, we all know this band has that mellow feel to it, but they’ll make you turn your head even more with their upbeat songs and “Holding On” is definitely one of them. 

2. "Mexican Fender" - Weezer

Can I say flashback to the 80s? The guitar riffs are totally 80s and it's kinda great. "Mexican Fender" is an odd name for a song, but Weezer is still bringing out hits since they started in '92. All you need is a flower to pick the petals off for this song.

3. "No Exit" - Tennis

The adorable husband and wife duo that makes up Tennis could be described as ‘relationship goals’ by most people. How lucky is it to have a band with your loved one, make terrific music and travel the world together?! Absolute goals. Back to the point, these two love birds always keep a groovy rhythm and Alaina's voice is just oh so lovely.

4. "Wonderful Wonderful" - The Killers

This jam is off of The Killers new record and if you've seen the cover of it, its some sort of sea shell being held in the air in the middle of a desert. It sounds like someone is blowing into that shell at the start of the song, way cool.  

5. "Dear Life" - Beck

The piano melodies throughout the song could probably be in an old cartoon theme song. Beck has a mastermind for sure, but this one goes together way too good. Bravo Beck. 

6. "Whole Wide World" - Cage The Elephant

Coming from Cage The Elephant’s new record, Unpeeled, this song is one a girl could crave. The song is smooth and easy to listen to. The band has the look, the style and the right tune. It's perfect for someone longing for a new love and the excitement that comes along with it. 

7. "Mourning Sound" - Grizzly Bear

Five years later and Grizzly Bear has released a new record, Painted Ruins. Poppy clicks and mysterious melodies, this song has it. It's an addictive song to spoil your ears with. 

8. "Last Day" - Walter TV

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Slacker rock is a thing that many people may or may not love. I am a huge fan of the Mac DeMarco clan and two of the dudes out of the Walter TV trio came out of DeMarco’s band. The VHS tape aesthetic is apparent through most of their tunes, especially this one.

9. "Stranger's Kiss" - Alex Cameron and Angel Olson

Alex Cameron does a duet with the literal angel, Angel Olson? I’m not sure what could be better than this. Both of these musicians are incredibly talented. Cameron has the raspy voice similar to Bruce Springsteen and the style of an 80's modern cowboy. After listening to this song, go ahead and give the whole album a listen too. 

10. "Countdown" - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Wow. How many records have the gizzard boys put out this year alone again? THREE. That’s right, and they plan on putting a few more too. A huge bravo for Sketches of Brunswitch East that the gizz boys collaborated with Mild High Club. This song is fantastic beyond belief. But honestly, give the whole record a listen; both band’s styles are distinctly heard throughout each song.  

11. "Easy Access" - Firstworld

The beginning of the song may suck you into thinking you are in outer space for just a few seconds, then quickly brings you back when the lyrics start. The synth really shines through this song in all of the perfect moments. Your mind will easily be cleared and relaxed by the hypnotizing tune. 

12. "Can't Get It Out" - Brand New

A brand new track from the Brand New band. If you listen to this song a little too much, you may even get it stuck in your head. This song has a slow straightforward tune that makes it a breeze to give it a listen. 

13. "Come Home" - The Undercover Dream Lovers

The name of the band says it all. This band is dreamy, undercover-y and for those people who describe themselves as lovers. Maybe this song could even be for your lover who’s been gone for some time. The song simply drifts in and out of space as if one is gliding on velvet. 

14. "90210" - Dent May

Does this song feature Brian Wilson? Nope. Dent May indeed has the vintage touch to his music. This song shows exactly May’s style: piano melodies, swoony lyrics and a disco sensation with a little funk.

15. "Caribbean Moon" - Hinds

This Spanish quartet from Madrid are a dream. These girls have a rockin’ norm core style that drives fans crazy. Sweet voices, guitar riffs and drum beats from four girls that are sweeter than apple pie is more than anybody could ask for. 

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