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Trippy Turtle Distances Himself From 'All Lives Matter' Tweet, Says He Does Not Condone It

Trippy Turtle says the member of his organization who sent the tweet has been fired
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Trippy Turtle

Trippy Turtle, a side project by Lido, is finding himself in some hot water. Yesterday the DJ tweeted out “all lives matter” all by itself. It was deleted a short while later. Being a white, Norwegian male, this was problematic for sorts of reasons. In a text note tweeted out a few hours later, Lido distanced himself from the tweet, saying he did not approve or condone it and that person has already been removed from his team.

Trippy Turtle All Lives Matter

He goes on to say he is “very sorry to anyone this might have offended” and it isn’t a reflection of how he views the issues in society.

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Some damage may be done if fans don’t believe him, but it would probably be hard to tweet when you are asleep. This doesn’t seem like something Lido would tweet, but anything is possible. At least he didn’t claim he was hacked.

This hasn’t been as big a controversy as some of the others that we have seen recently, but in a time where racism is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, especially in the United States, saying all lives matter in a business built on the work of black musicians just won’t fly. 

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