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UK House Duo, Audiojack, Share Their Top 10 Documentaries To Watch Now

Stay woke with these 10 documentaries from Audiojack.

Leeds-born, Ibiza-based house producers, DJs and label-owners, Audiojack have been mainstays in electronic music over a decade. They have released music on labels like Hot Creations, Moon Harbour, B-Pitch Control and Diynamic, while operating their own Gruuv, for the past five years. They have been tabbed to remix the likes of Underworld, Groove Armada and Hot Since 82. With a busy summer schedule still full swing and a song out on Mobilee titled “Opposite Forces,” we asked the duo to give us their top 10 documentaries that you need to sit down and watch.

The documentaries focus in music, not surprisingly, but they do cover other topics that you should educate yourselves on. Go ahead and check out the list below and get watching. 

Scott Walker - 30th Century Man

This is an amazing story of a member of a 60's boy band pop group member who broke away as a solo artist and started making really weird experimental music. He started out his career with screaming women fainting at his shows to breaking musical boundaries and influencing some of the most important artists of the last few decades including Radiohead, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie.

Cowspiracy, Food Inc, Forks over Knives and Earthlings

Just a few of many informative and sometimes harrowing documentaries mostly about what we eat and how that affects us and everything around us. 

Searching For Sugar Man

This one is the heart warning biopic of a super humble and super talented singer songwriter Rodriguez from Detroit. Many compared him to Bob Dylan and it's easy to hear why but he never really made it in the US and decided to give up. Unknown to him he became a huge star in South Africa, selling more records than Elvis and two fans decided to make it their mission to find out what became of him. 

Zeitgeist - The Movie Trilogy

Six and a half hours spread over three films, exposing many eye opening things about the world and how it works. If you like this series check out JFK to 911; Everything is a rich mans trick, Owned and Operated and The Four Horsemen.

Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense

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This is literally just a film cutting together parts from 3 performances of the band at a Hollywood venue touring their album Speaking In Tongues. It starts with David Byrne alone on stage with an acoustic guitar and song by song the players join in and the stage is transformed. Sounds simple but it's amazing. 

The Choice Is Ours

This documentary offers an optimistic vision of the future if everything is done for the benefit of all. If you like this check out The Age of Stupid, narrated by the late great Pete Postlethwaite. 

Modulations - Cinema For The Ear

History of early electronic dance music, how it evolved and the machines that facilitated that. It draws from a diverse pool of styles and how they interconnected or muted from one to another. It gave us loads of inspiration for wanting to always push ourselves and fine new ways of making and presenting music. If you want to go a bit more avant garde try People Who Do Noise.

Vsauce: our world is amazing

A ten hour long YouTube channel series answering questions you've probably never asked such as 'What will happen if everyone on Earth jumped at once? Why do people kiss? Do everyone see the same colors? Why are bad words labeled as bad? Is anything really real? Where do deleted files on our computers go? Why are some things attractive? Why do we wear clothes?

Sub Berlin - The Story Of Tresor

A look at the development of the techno counter culture in Berlin in the early 90s from the viewpoint of the club Tresor. Its exciting how some guys getting up a rave in the vault of a department store turned into a techno institution in the city. See also High Tech Soul for the creation of techno in Detroit. 

The Big Short

Heavyweight cast in this documovie about the housing market collapse in America and the unaccountability of the bankers. If this is your vibe also check out Inside Job, narrated by Matt Damon. 

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