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Watch Blow Your Head Season 2: Diplo Examines Artist Subcultures Around The World

Diplo and Shane McCauley head around the world to examine music sub-cultures

Diplo is reprising the Blow Your Head brand he has used in the past for YouTube series and compilations on a variety of topics. Done with Shane McCauley, the neew season of Blow Your Head takes Diplo and McCauley around the world as they examine various artist sub-cultures ranging from dance to music.

Each episode is quite short, so you don’t need to invest a lot of time in each one. It can leave something to be desired, but there it gives a brief introduction to the art form on display that you can then go and explore on your own.

The first episode heads to Johannesburg, South Africa where they meet up with the boys of Material Culture – a group of dancers who wear expensive clothes and sow off their Pantsula dance skills. In the second episode you meet Shaabi on the outskirts of Cairo, where you learn about a style of music called Maheraba.

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The rest of the series continues its globetrotting ways heading to New Orleans, Durban, South Africa, East Orange, New Jersey, New York and elsewhere. It is worth the watch to get a little glimpse at various musical and artistic sub-cultures around the world that are probably influencing the music you listen to today. 

Watch the full series playlist below.

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