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What does wonder woman, a sailor, a zombie raver, a fire dancer, and a newscaster all have in common? They are all characters LA-based vocalist, actress, and tastemaker Ruby Chase has played this past year. Ruby has spent the past four years gracing large scale festivals such as Coachella and Nocturnal, sometimes performing as a featured member of renowned performance art troupe Lucent Dossier. Yesterday Ruby released her debut music video and single for “Snake Charmer”.

On her debut single, Ruby makes her presence known as a strong-up-and-coming, independent female artist. “Snake Charmer” contains elements of pop, R&B, soul, and electronica, accented by eastern influenced beats. Ruby’s voice is soulful, sultry, and seductive. Her lyrics are catchy and almost impossible to forget. Shot in what Ruby is calling the goddess den, the music video for “Snake Charmer” is fun and sensual. It features excellent belly dance moves and matching costumes. 

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We are excited to see what else Ruby Chase, best known as the host of EDM TV’s Rave Train has up her sleeve. 

"Snake Charmer" is now available on iTunes and Spotify

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