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Dubstep never "went away," it never "died," it has always been there bubbling under the surface, seeping out through the cracks. These monthly 140BPM Bass-weight articles will be focusing on all aspects of deep dubstep, old and new, bringing you various flavors from across the globe. 

J Kenzo - Cross Polarity

Kenzo has been one of my favourite producers since the early days. He has a raw, signature production style and still is to this day one of the most current artists in the dubstep scene. Cross Polarity is an absolutely huge tune, incorporating rich, crisp drums with a bold, heavy hitting sub. Soundsytem music at its finest. This track is being included on a 4 track vinyl compilation E.P, which is being released on Kenzo's own label Artikal Music. Make sure you purchase it here, and keep up to date with what Kenzo is doing here.

J Kenzo

J Kenzo

Noble & Kotei - Specialist (JFO Remix) : 

Easily one of the heaviest tracks in this months list. It's no secret that JFO is one of the most talented producers in the scene, simply because of the clinical way he produces and the fact that he has such a signature sound to his creations. This remix of Noble & Kotei's track Specialist (out on Southpoint now) is huge, incorporating a low end sub on the drop that explodes when the beat kicks into motion. Absolute percy of a track this. Make sure you check out what JFO is doing musically here and don't forget to give Southpoint a like via their Facebook hereI did a review of the entire E.P. that Noble released on Southpoint recently, link below...

JFO on deck

JFO on deck

Mojoe - 12.5mm (aæe Remix) : 

This ones a darker kind of track, I first reviewed one of aæe's E.P.'s that was released on Plasma Abuse in one of my first ever review articles. The whole E.P. had such an industrial grime feel to it. This remix however (out on Simply Deep) is totally different, aæe has crafted a dark, gully dubstep remix and really showed the full extent of his production talent. I especially enjoy the atmospheric intro and the perfect use of space between drops. It adds enormity to the track in a brilliant way. Make sure you follow Simply Deep on SoundCloud to keep up to date with what they are releasing.

aæe on deck

aæe on deck

Sepia - Eclipse

This one was released a few months ago, however I just had to include it. Sepia has been going from strength to strength recently with releases on a wide selection of labels. It only feels right that he has now become part of the DDD family. By far my favorite track on the E.P., "Eclipse" starts off in a very subtle, almost futuristic way. Then from the absolute depths comes a drop that no one is ready for, partly due to the contrast between how calm the intro is, and how aggressive the drop is, such a dark, sub heavy track. Make sure you check out what he's doing musically here and keep up to date with what Deep Dark and Dangerous (Truths Label) are doing here.



Taiko - Gremlin :

Taiko has been putting out some absolute monster tracks recently and has a forthcoming tune with Darkimh (Unwarp), that is very special (trust me). This one however is no exception, its a low, bass heavy track. With a mad spooky intro, half way through things change up and this gorgeous strumming of some kind of Middle Eastern guitar starts up over the top of the sub. Huge track from Taiko, its being featured on duploc's latest release celebrating '5 years of dubploc.' Be sure to check out all the other tracks involved in the release here. Big release from the duploc gang.

LSN - Formulas

The 6-headed LSN joins Uprise Audio once again, this time with an E.P. that shakes the very foundations of dubstep. This track, entitled "Formulas," is an absolute percy. A dark, tribal, bass driven riddim with deep, ferocious drums and a bassline that bubbles along drawing you into the track at every drop. Massive tune from LSN look out for more from them in 2018.


DE-TUWicked Skank :

This one has been doing the rounds at raves and on a number of radio stations up and down the country for a month or 2 now. Forthcoming on Infernal Sounds. Its a dark, stomper of a track with one of the most brutal drops I've heard in a long while. All 3 tracks on the E.P. are of the highest quality, its a bit mad to be honest, DE-TU have really outdone themselves on this release. Look out for more from them, music wise here, and keep up to date with what the Infernal Sounds gang are up to here.


Mr K - 99 Dub :

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Mr K has very selective and unique style when it comes to production. 99 Dub in my opinion is an ode to the old school sound. Its got that deeper vibe of being at a rave just for the feel of the sub, just to skank to that slow sweeping bass. Such a steppa's riddim. I'm really feeling track. Look out for Mr K's future releases, the guys unstoppable at the moment.

Mz Bratt - Selecta [German Version] (Bukezt Finezt Remix) : 


Gourmetbeats are taking a step into the digital world with GBWL001, their first bandcamp release, it features two very well respected artists within the dubstep world, the German Bukez Finezt & the Canadian Fill Spectre. Both absolute heavy weights within their respected fields. They've truly smashed it out the park with these remixes.

Bukez has created a proper dubstep power ballad, the intro is sparse but keeps you well and truly zoned in. Then, when it drops the impact it has is perfect with these big gigantic drums running along side some dark, grizzly bass. Be sure to check out the other remix by Fill Spectre available to listen on the Gourmetbeats page.

Mr Mt - Footslogging Dub :

I hadn't actually heard of Mr Mt until maybe a 2 or 3 months ago, Olaf (FKOF, Signalfire) put me on to him just in time. I listened through the forthcoming E.P. thats being released with FKOF and instantly knew this guy had serious talent. The whole E.P. is the epitome of weight, however "Footslogging" for me is a personal favorite from the 4 tracks on the E.P. It has somewhat of a euphoric intro, but once the drop bursts into play, the whole track changes. It thunders in with such aggression but even then its not fully done. On the 3rd drop it climbs deeper with its sound to a place only proper soundsystems can venture. Massive track from Mr Mt, be sure to keep up to date with FKOF here, and what Mr Mt is up too musically here.


Cimm & Youngsta (Feat. Fox) - Redshift VIP

OK, take a breath, this ones very mad. Coming out of Youngsta and Cimm's corner we've got a serious VIP. When these two collaborate something different happens. The music they make really resonates with people on a deeper level. They use stripped back, clinical drums and crisp, emphatic basslines. Blend that together with the magical vocals of Manchester legend MC Fox, and you've got a track that really will stand the test of time. Massive massive track from these 3.

Akcept - Dreader than Dread : 

Such enormous music coming out of Sentry Records at the moment, this one, by Akcept, is no exception. Youngsta picks and chooses his releases very carefully when it comes to Sentry and you can see with his choice here, he's gone for pure, crisp, militant music. Dark, gritty dubstep, getting the listener straight to the point. It's what Sentry are all about. Their keeping the authenticity in underground music alive and that's why the label is held in such high esteem. Make sure you keep up to date with what Sentry are doing here and don't forget to follow Akcept on Soundcloud here

Akcept on deck

Akcept on deck

Unknown Artist - Down With You (Vocal Mix) :

This ones an absolute percy, from start to finish its just pure vibes. The intro starts with a proper atmospheric feel. Then the female vocals groan into play with a dull, sluggish drum tap. Leading on from that some quick, skippy drums gear up, on the way towards the drop. When the drop comes your still not quite ready for it. Low end sub-bass reverberates out over the skippy drum beat. Massive release from Rarefied.

Jonah Freed - Guns feat. Rider Shafique :

This one has been a personal favorite for a long time now. I remember hearing the instrumental on Sian Andersons Radio 1xtra show a very long time ago with Trim spitting over it. Immediately I needed to know who had produced it. Massive track from Jonah, and with Rider Shafique's rare and unadulterated vocals laced over the top, this track definitely packs a punch.


Dont sleep on the vinyl, cop it when its released in October.

Glume & Phossa - Twisted (Koma Remix) :

I was such a fan of the original track by Glume and Phossa when I first heard it, so to say I was a tad excited to see this land in my inbox the other day is a bit of an understatement. Koma has done a madness on this remix. Bringing a whole different feel to the original track with what sounds to me like a female choir sample just after the drop. It almost gives the track an injection of grime to what is already a very dark riddim. Huge track coming out from the Instigate Records family. Be sure to cop it once the entire E.P. is out.


Hope you've enjoyed the read, I'll be back with 2 dubstep E.P. reviews within the next 2 weeks.


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