Artist Advice: How to Make Your Concert or Gig Memorable

Staging a music concert is actually very easy; making the gig memorable is another story.
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Despite the rise of social media and music streaming, live shows and concerts are still the best way to connect with your listeners. You can’t replace that feeling of closeness and excitement you get from attending an exhilarating concert. In fact, many successful artists treat concerts as their “main gig”, with an online presence and music streaming acting more as promotional tools.

Staging a music concert is actually very easy; making the gig memorable is another story. Now that you have a strong team supporting you, here are some of the tips and tricks to keep in mind to make your concert memorable.

Create a Story

Attending a music concert is very much a journey, from the moment fans decide to purchase a ticket to the way the concert makes them feel afterwards. Of course, you can fine-tune this journey and present fans with the best concert they will remember for years by turning that journey into a story they can relate to.

It starts with hyping up the gig up on social media. Take your fans on a journey and show them how you are making the gig happen. Post prep videos and use technologies such as Virtual Reality or VR to help present a more immersive experience.

Make the content more personal too. Speak as if you’re talking to each fan directly whenever you appear to greet them. It’s this type of personal experience that gets people hooked the most. Continue applying this tone to the actual gig and be sure to end the show on a high note.

Use Visuals

Creating a memorable concert is also about presenting an immersive experience. Even better, you have the ability to add visuals to the music – and the entire experience – thanks to some of the latest technologies.

Working with VJs or letting an experienced team of event AV specialists such as ON Services handle the task is beneficial for two reasons. First of all, you know you will get better AV experience for the gig, since the ones tackling the task are professionals. More importantly, you focus on the gig itself rather than being bogged down by the visual side of things.

You can’t just slap any visual onto a big screen and expect it to work; not if you want to create a memorable experience for the audience at least. Besides, wasting the opportunity to connect with the audience on a more personal level is a mistake.

Keep It Smooth

Always maintain a smooth flow from start to finish. Any kind of distraction will distract the audience from what really matters: your work as an artist. This means making sure that the venue is comfortable enough, that the audience can enter without hassle, and that other possible issues are handled perfectly.

This is where your perfect team comes into play. You have a tour manager as well as other team members helping you organize the gigs. Delegate and distribute tasks so that you know all potential issues are taken care of before the show. This is how you stage a gig every audience will find hard to

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