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Bjork's 'The Gate' Music Video Is Not From This Planet Or Time

Bjork's new album Utopia should be out in November.
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It isn’t clear yet, but Bjork may not be from this planet. She may have been sent here to make great music for the rest of us. Her new video “The Gate” is just another example of that, taking music videos to a whole new level of futuristic.

The video was directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, who uses his CGI genius to create a world of colorful fairies, costumes and so much more. The video was first premiered in London over the weekend at the Nowness installation during London Fashion Week.

That dress in the video? It is real. According to Gucci over 870 hours went into making it. It took almost 550 hours to make, and an additional 320 hours for the embroidery. That is dedication to the craft.

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“The Gate” is a taste of what is to come from Bjork’s upcoming album Utopia, which is due sometime in November. 

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